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Ashley Ann Norman (Active Addiction)   Travis Smith (In Memory Of)   Freddie Krause (In Recovery)   Augustine James Smith (In Memory Of)   Austin James Smith (In Memory Of)   Sheri Lynn Haupt (In Memory Of)   Nicole Kay Norman (In Memory Of)   James Mark Jefferson (In Memory Of)   Nicholas Cohen (In Memory Of)   Johnny Whittington (In Recovery)   Holly Rivers (Active Addiction)   Codie McNeil (Active Addiction)   Trevor Alden Blankenship (In Memory Of)   Toria Stevens (In Memory Of)   Cooper Best (In Memory Of)   Wanita Riemann (For Prevention)   Andy Goodrum (In Recovery)   George Dewrell (Active Addiction)   Clarence Daevon Brittingham (In Memory Of)   Justin Blackburn (In Memory Of)   Ronald Barker (In Memory Of)   Lyndsey Koch (In Memory Of)   Kyle Cole Dodds (In Memory Of)   Drew James Donoghue (In Memory Of)   Catherine Shepard (In Memory Of)   Arbidol (For Prevention)   Meredith Paige Cortesis (In Memory Of)

We will be reading the names of Loved Ones affected by the Opioid Crisis at our Tealize DC Event on September 12, 2018. Please complete the form below by September 11 to have your loved one included.  We will be choosing our next Tealize Event based on the Cities entered.  "Tealize your Town"

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